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Plan T - for Thursday and new boards with no joints on the points !



So new timber has been purchased and I'm far happier the points will now not be on a board join.


So it's off to get some quick drying grey under coat then transfer the points over and re do the track on the New end board. Board is still 18 inch width but now 6ft in length. 

Also picked up some more saw horse trestles as they are light weight. Decider to show the layout at a lower height so hopefully it will be viewable gor those a bit lower down.


As it happenedthey had a 8 x 4ft sheet of hardboard on offer for £2 so I had that cut as well while I was there for new back boards.


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New board almost done.


Got to work out where my point switch box will ( probably on a strut above the back drop somewhere near the loco position ) and wire up the 3 switches on this board.

Copper clad the 3 rails where there cross the board join.


All working well and impressed with the dcc80 frogs.




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22 hours ago, mervyn said:

Nice to see you back an building stuff !



Rain stops play, outside. So as its no shooting at present  thought I'd catch up lol


Hopefully Middle Baord will be done today and who knows, by the end of the week the layout could be finished!





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 So end and middle board were clamped up today finally. No1 Wife has been off work this week and getting in the way lol.


At first power stopped at the midfield board points. A loose wire had bed pulled out by the clamps !


Much to my delight and indeed surprise, the 72xx seemed ok with the double slip.

However both test locos with their rigid chassis stalled on the curved point. So I suspect it's not quite flat and a couple more track pins are needed.


A little mix up on middle board point switches means a bit of wire swapping is needed. Should not be more than 10 mins ?


I have posted on a separate thread about the older peco point not switching. So a point motor swap is to be tried first to cure that. If not some way if reducing spring resistance will be needed. Or a new point?


But great to see the locos not up to 12 ftt of running line.


Once the above problems are hopefully sorted tonight, it will be onto end board and fiddle yard board.


Hopefully they will be fairly straight forward! 


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Dodgy point working on end board, almost all the time. 

Dcc80 frogs fitted to end board.

Point switches sorted and wiring checked, all good.


Just a look at the curved point tomorrow and then onto the hi / Low level board and a think about the Fiddle yard.

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As no1 Wife is still at danger, or on holiday, it was another day of not much layout building yesterday! 


I did however manage a couple of hours in the modelling room ( spare bedroom) and did a chip swap on the 72xx, unknown v4 steam - swd group 2 V5 esu.


A bit of detailing later to finish all being well. 


Who knows may even sneak a bit on the boards today? 


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Sneaked off late to size the hi/low board up.


Need to wire it up and test the 72xx up the incline!

Track needs careful packing where it starts to rise .

Also need to check 72xx can negotiate the "S" bends into lower tunnel! 


Backdrop boards will be permanently fixed to the hi low board so the tunnels can be built and supported.


Somehow convinced myself not to copper clad ends of track but for now triple pin sleepers. Will look at that later? 



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Well that was a surprise 


The 72xx climes the bank and negotiated the S bends ok. 


So I can get on with laying the track Propper and packing up on the high level. 

Get this done tonight and it's just the fidle yard to think about then !

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Progress on the end board has been slow but track is now down and tunnel construction is under way.

Bit of a cock up on the backscene due to poor eyesight and short nails but more on that later


Today, after months of putting off, it's 1362 into paints hop day.

Hopefully I can make as good as job as I did on 7202 when that got backdated 


Probably not as I got Dai the paint to do that one !


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  • 2 weeks later...

Like others I'm sure I have been monitoring the national crisis.


However I did manage a quick trip to Gloucester 0 gauge day Sunday and picked up some omen figures, so got them to paint at some point! 


1362 has been through the paint shop and looks better than I expected lol!

Currently the boiler is off for chip and speaker fitting but I'd hope to have it in steam by he weekend. 

Likewise I'm hoping my 48xx turns up this week and both can be sound chipped the same time?


So back to getting on with things and the Base Layer of "grass" has started to sprout.

I'm not a great scenery modeller, my goal for any of my exhibition layouts has always been operation,  I. E. Something usually moving 


But it looks like we got time over the next few weeks to bit by bit add to it to take away the flat earth look?



Middle and end boards started.





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Been a while since I has to buy any scenic material. 

Prices on the old course turf I luckily have seem a million miles away from today's £!

Never got into static grass so will stick with what I got. 


End and middle board were ballasted in a mad couple of hours on Tuesday. 

Need to lift them and see what falls off today !

Then check Point operation. 

Weather rails

Weather sleepers

Add fence and hedges

Add course turf to relieve flat earth look !


Then it's onto station board !


In some ways it's lucky my 48xx is delayed lol.




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End board will be a bit hedge / rough grass.


Middle and station board will be fenced off


Little and often is the best way.


See what I don't like on here when tomorrow comes !


Tunnels and end backscene are work in progress.

In fact all backdrops are work in progress! 



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End board, bar the point I forgot to pre weather,  is now ballasted and initial grass seed planted.


So spray and glue later today and then leave it till Friday.


Picked up my 61xx yesterday so have that to have a play / look at sound chipping tomorrow. 


Not sure my 48xx is going to make it now with Dapol closing, oh well something to look forward to I hope !


Slower than my normal progress but needs must and make a good thing last.

Or more like make this into a good thing, at last !


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I always try and work from colour photos when buildings layouts or weathering stock.

Last couple of days have been mainly spent failing to weather the railS and sleepers to my liking.


So far mixed various shades of water based paints and powders.

Enamel paint thine and mixed.

Not really getting that light brown/yellow mix I wanted. Then found a tin of "break dust" and while wet it looks about right.

Find out tomorrow lol


What I have  gone for is a mix as looking at the colour photos if rural gwr stations I have it's quite common to see different colours from rail to rail. I guess it's usually down to different maintenance periods ?

Variety is the spice of life.

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Happy enough with rail colour now, brake dust is the look I'm after wheN mixed with others.

Probably going to add in 3 catch points now though or at least over coming weeks thanks to some kind help.



Path from platform ramp to ground box put in. Plenty of weeding to do as well!

Saying that I also got to build the platform. Decided as it crosses the board join, it will be complete / 1 piece and removable as that's only way I'd get it to be level !


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I'm starting to get used to this slow progress layout building !!


Bit of work on the wonky level crossing.

The start of Lineside fencing.

And milk dock loading platforms. 



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So much for plan A;

Do the tunnel board

Middle board

End board


Nearly finished the tunnel board but seemed to have skipped middle and gone to end board !!


Still, it's all one more job ticked off the to do list.


End board starting to take shape. 

Even staged the milk train in the milk loading lane to see how it looks. Happy enough bar I'm not sure I like the individual clumps of tall grass .

Might dig them up in the morning! 



End board as is


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