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I am trying to establish whether there are any photographs or drawings of a Digby Colliery (Nottinghamshire) wagon in existance as most of the checks I have made haven't come up with anything. Most photo's I have found relate to other collieries associated with Digby, but are not Digby specific.


 Would be grateful if anybody can shed any new light on this as I would like to model a wagon from this colliery if at all possible.


Many thanks.


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If you know who built the wagons for Digby Colliery it would be worth checking if the company records are held in the county archives and if the records includes any manufacturers photo albums.


Gordon A

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If Digby Colliery's wagons were registered with the Midland, they should appear in that company's register of PO wagons in the National Archives. I've not (yet) looked at these myself but I'm told by wagonman that they give details builders. It would be quite a trawl! If the wagons were registered with the Great Northern, life may be harder - I can't quickly find that the National Archives hold similar registration books for that company.


How confident are you that the Digby Colliery owned or hired its own wagons? It may have been part of a consortium owning several collieries - especially in the post-Great War period.

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