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Lisburn North - An 00 gauge layout

Lambeg Man

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On 10/06/2021 at 14:18, pat141 said:

Your the boss, run what you like.

Trying to run a model railway in a prototypical way can limit what you can and can't do.


Yes Pat, I see your point, but every now and then my OCD kicks in! Did for example any of the ex-GNR cement vans as opposed to the 'bubbles' make their way north after 1958? Surely post 1965 CIE would not have been moving cement to Belfast in ex-GNR vans when they had the 'bubbles' in service?


22 hours ago, Colin_McLeod said:

This springs to mind, but perhaps I am being over optimistic lol :)



You my friend are being VERY optimistic! There are ten wagons in question (all limited edition and no longer in production), all in their original boxes with the information sheets. etc. Hardly used. I think it highly unlikely they will ever be "free to a good home", do you?!? LOL

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The GNR's equivalent of CIE's "H" vans, initially used mostly on cement traffic from Drogheda, and later interchangeable with the "H" vans as a common fleet of standard covered vans, were indeed to be seen on loose-coupled goods trains from CIE to the north while they ran.


Not any specifically cement-orientated wagons other than that, until the "bubbles" appeared.

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Have had a long chat with Jim Egar on this subject. The 'bubbles' were introduced in 1964 and were for 'bulk' cement. You are right, bagged cement would have still gone north in the 'cement' vans. However by 1964 the ex-GNR 'cement' vans would have been in CIE livery, not GNR. So rather than desecrate the excellent finish provided by Provincial Wagons, I have already sold them. I will purchase second hand Dapol models that the PW van was based on and paint them up in CIE livery myself. LM

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