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9 hours ago, Flacky said:

Hi john 


What design software do you use to create the buildings ready for 3d printing?

They look really good and im hoping to do something similar. 



Hi Matt,


I generally use Tinkercad which is a free online software. I like it as it's really quick and easy to use but also I can access in on works computers which is great when I have a bit of down time


Thank you, I'm really happy with the process and once they're clad they come out really well. This is a bridge I did a while back for the layout









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This week we've stuck down all of the cork. I really like this phase as for the first time the track plan can actually be seen. before it's just a design on a piece of paper but now we can put stock on it and see what it'll look like without too much imagination involved.



















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We have finalised the design for the goods shed, it is based on the design of Culkerton and Coleford but with the slightly larger footprint of princetown.


This is the first trial print of the basic shape to gauge the size and positioning of the shed (The final position is slightly further down the siding than shown in this pic)


This is the final design with the thicker brick sections added, a double height office like Culkerton and the roof and platform put in to show the look of the shed







We have found some great shots of Princetown showing the position and type of the crane, also great pictures to show the inside detailing including a caged area for which we assume is valuable goods. Nice to see the wooden buffer for road vehicles on the end of the loading platform


note the crane in this shot reaching out through the open doors to the wagon. This is obviously why the doors are so massive


note the crane is on the very left of this shot





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Last night we added the first layer of Styrofoam to the front of the layout, from here this can either be built up or taken away to give us the landscape we require









for the first time we get a chance to see how much room on the edges of the layout we have for scenery, our station mock up is seen in it’s correct place. There’s a bit of room for the forecourt but not much 

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Progress over the last week,


The fixed section of the F/Y has been added, the rest of the F/Y will be cassettes so we'll have to produce a couple of transition pieces so the Aluminium cassettes fit into.





Foam has now been added and stuck down on the back portion of the layout. amazing to see the space we have for scenics. plenty of scope for decent size farm and doing a river nicely




This week we have started on the cladding of the culvert for the leat. lots more to do on it but the difficult bit of the roof and internal walls are now done








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Over the past few months I’ve been searching round for a suitable yard crane for the layout. 

One of the little scenes we had in mind was the loading/unloading of long timbers from a pair of ex-GWR open C wagons which are old ratio kits. 

I’ve managed to find a few prototypes for this, in particular at Cadeleigh in Devon on the exe valley line. Cadeleigh’s yard crane was upgraded to the GWR 6t ‘heavy’ crane for dealing with the timber work from the local saw mill. 

This seems like the ideal scenario for us to follow. Unfortunately after a lot of searching around, the only kit we could find is an arch laser kit, which being laser cut wood, We feel it’s going to be too crude to be of any use.

This left us with no other choice than to try and make our own.

This os our design although there was lots of details added to the winch body before it was finalised













Having previously designed the goods shed We have shown it in the rough location it’ll be on the layout in comparison to the shed






We’ve also got on file the rough shape of a 57’ coach so this also gives a good perspective of the crane





Below is the print design with all the supports included. At 2750 layers and 9hr 26m print time this is definitely the largest thing I’ve printed


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  • 2 weeks later...

This week we have added all the main sections of foam to the layout, this is bow ready for carving back to give a natural look to the layout. We have also cut in the main bridge so the abutment can be placed in. For the first time we can now see the river which follows the railway for a short section before turning away from it.











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Over night last night we let the printer do it's thing with the crane print file. 10 hours later this is the result, still a lot of cleaning up to do where the supports were attached. We're really happy with the outcome and will give us a very unusual bu very typical GWR yard crane.



















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progress over the last couple of weeks on the layout has mainly been focused on the river bridge. 


The handrails are now all in place and we've soldered in brass Ballast strips to the inside of the girders, this makes a trough for the ballast to sit into. On the abutments, string courses have been added to complete them.










With the bridge sides complete we could now test fit the decks and and try it in place. this also meant we had to do a fair bit of carving of the scenic foam to get i to fit in. (Please excuse the Flat bottom concrete track, it will be Bull head on wood when our C&L order arrives)











Once we started sculpting the foam we continued up the front of the layout and started to shape the firs part of the cuttings






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More carving done last night, we have now finished board the boards 1 to 3 leaving only the most complicated board 4. Having reassembled the boards it does make for an interesting comparison showing before and after carving.






Here are some more shots showing the boards which are now sculpted, hopefully we’re are going to get some sort of farm on the land above the engine shed but as always there’s less room than anticipated









we have also cut in around the water tower to give the look of it being cut into the hill side







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  • 1 month later...

Another good night of progress, before turning the layout we placed in some mounting pads for the bridge abutments and the weir, the height is really critical for the weir as that sets the water levels for both upstream and down.












once they were in place, we turned the layout and finished off the plaster cloth








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  • RMweb Gold

This is really good.  I must admit to being a little underwhelmed when I saw the track plan at the top of the show, but seeing it in the flesh and the work you are doing, I'v absolutely changed my view.


I'm really liking the 3d stuff you're able to do.  I'm struggling with CAD.  I have no 3d printer, so I'm really only interested in making nets for cutting card/plasticard, etc. but you've obviously mastered it pretty well. The weir is a nice touch...





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8 hours ago, scottystitch said:

This is really good.  I must admit to being a little underwhelmed when I saw the track plan at the top of the show, but seeing it in the flesh and the work you are doing, I'v absolutely changed my view.


I'm really liking the 3d stuff you're able to do.  I'm struggling with CAD.  I have no 3d printer, so I'm really only interested in making nets for cutting card/plasticard, etc. but you've obviously mastered it pretty well. The weir is a nice touch...






Hi Scott


Thank you, yes I know what you mean, for the size of layout there’s not a great deal of track on it and is generally not very spaced out. It’s only really a small terminus station but spaced out across 16’ x 2’ so we can really try and get the railway into a scene.

I used to do all my buildings out of white plasticard and then clad them in brick so the 3D printing was an obvious next step, it means you can design and print a building out within a few hours and you know that it’ll be spot on for size and squareness


this is the current progress with the weir.






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Really happy with the way my GWR 6T yard crane has come out, just finished assembly and ready for painting. 


These were fairly common beasts in yards all over the GWR network but sadly nobody does a decent kit of one, so it’s nice to have something fairly unique on the layout 



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Quite a bit of work on the layout yesterday Which has really helped show the feel of the layout, we couldn’t help pose a couple of trains for the photos at the end


The Pits have been clad and painted, the short one is for the ash drop which will be alongside the coaling stage, the other is the main pit inside the shed







Also progressing nicely for this area is the water tower, it’s now had all the brick work added, I’ve just need to finish the Lintels, Cills, Doors and Windows. 





Now this is done the shed area is really starting to come to life





The yard crane has had a good coat of primer, it now needs to go into it’s final black colour with white top and white operating handles.


seen here with an Open C which it will be loading timber from.






finally we have added scupltamold to the plaster cloth surface on this edge, the layout now needs to be turned so we can do the same to the other side


it’s not that easy to see but it’s the closer side of the river, we thought we’d pose a train to see how it looks entering in on the main line







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Work progressing on some of our coaching stock. 

2 siphons for the parcels rake, the outside frame is an old Airfix and the inside is the Lima model with addition detailing to make it the BR build version 






a K42 Collett full brake for the milk train, built from a comet models kit




a bristol division B-set (diagrams E140) made from a pair of a Airfix coaches 





a set of 64’ Mk1 suburbans, these are replica railways coaches 





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A day at the desk with no distractions today so some good progress on the engine shed. I’ve assembled the shell and got most of the cladding done, all that’s left now is some detailing bits around the top similar to the water tower, Cills and lintels and then think about the roofs.

I’ve also managed to do the concrete floor around the pit so this is now at the correct level. 












seen in this shot next to the water tower. It will be close to this position when on the layout




hopefully tomorrow I’ll get chance to get some more of the detail work finished

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