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Extruded Polystyrene

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2 Pieces of Extruded Polystyrene, ideal for baseboards, free to a good home.  Must be collected from Taunton area by next weekend, otherwise they're going to the tip.  Both are 200 x 60 x 6.5 cm.



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Hi Martin,

I can't come all the way down from Warrington to collect those unfortunately but may I ask - where did you get them from, please?

I'm struggling to obtain similar up here, maybe I'm calling it wrongly?




PS That's a kind offer, I hope someone takes you up on it!

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On 21/07/2019 at 11:10, Allegheny1600 said:

Hi Martin,

I can't come all the way down from Warrington to collect those unfortunately but may I ask - where did you get them from, please?

I'm struggling to obtain similar up here, maybe I'm calling it wrongly?




PS That's a kind offer, I hope someone takes you up on it!

Hi John, here is something about extruded poly that I posted on my layout thread.  I hope it is still helpful. 



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Posted July 30

Resource notes on extruded foam baseboards by 'Alextrack':  



Polyfoam, expanded polystyrene sheet Gordon Gravett Pempoul.


Average light at 32kg/m3 with grades up to 200 to 250kg/m3.

XPS Foam





Sheffield Insulation. The Bristol branch

SIG Insulation, Unit 200, North Bristol Park, North Way, Filton, Bristol, Bristol, BS34 7QH Telephone: 0117 931 3400 Fax: 0117 931 3411


It consists of 1200mm x 500mm x 50mm thick pink polyfoam insulation.

Warren Insulation Ltd, (www.warren.co.uk)

4mm thick x 100mm deep quality ply glued


Foam to Foam adhesive? Can't air dry.

No need for a jigsaw, it is very easy to cut by hand. I used an ordinary tenon saw for straight cuts and I have a dry wall hand saw that is very useful for curved and angled cut. The latter is one of the most evil looking instruments I've ever seen, but it does the job well. Both, of course, do make quite a mess!

solvent-free grab adhesive. (No More Nails type non solvent type must be used like 'No More Nails' or 'Unibond MegaGrip') To avoid having to hold it altogether whilst the glue goes off with clamps, we have used 3-4 inch long wood screws No 14/16 size which have a large coarse thread, screwed in along the ply sides at 100mm spaces directly into the foam. It's dense enough to allow a very strong grip and bite for the screws to allow the go off. After this has happened the screws are removed for re-use.

Knauff Floormate' on the web. I got mine from 'Hampshire Insulation' ( www.hampshireinsulations.co.uk) who can supply it in board sizes up to 8' x 2' and thickness’s from 5mm (be prepared to pay for some waste...) up to 75mm. Comes in various colours - I have samples in pink, blue & cream. It is NOT covered with any finish/silver foil etc. This is the dense urethane extruded foam. Cuts with a saw, Stanley knife, hot wire cutter with little dust. Can be sanded to contours with a surform (that is messy!) Glues with 'No Nails', is waterproof, stable in normal temperatures (although where it was subject to prolonged sunlight I did notice the exposed surface went 'floury'). If used for boards the only protection needed is to 'face' the edges with ply to protect it from life's little knocks & provide attachment points for baseboard dowels etc. You will also need to provide ply bases for any point motors - it does not like things being screwed into it! Like all plastics it does NOT like direct heat... do any soldering away from the board (i.e. use dropper wires on track etc) It does NOT like solvents!

Dow Corning blue floormate is the most dense and is designed for, duh floors and weight bearing. This is the best stuff in my experience for structural baseboard/module construction. Its also the hardest to cut or shape.

An update on glue testing. Sticking foam to foam: Waterproof PVA: took 10 days to cure. Good bond but can be pulled apart. Useless for sticking track to foam. Good for track to open cell foam like Woodland Scenics underlay. Cork to styrofoam still not set even after 2 weeks. Grip-fix from Screw-fix: 5 days to cure. Better bond than PVA. No good for track to foam. Solvent free contact glue: brilliant but no chance to reposition the parts being glued. Gorilla glue: best thing ever. Sticks foam to foam, track to foam, just about anything. Rock solid in 24 hours. You just need to scratch the foam and dampen one surface. Use a lot less than you'd think.

I used Scotchweld 77 spray adhesive as it is formulated for closed cell foam.







1525mm x 1525mm x 1.5mm Thin Birch Plywood. (Model making) - Avon Plywood

5' x 5' therefore."

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