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O Gauge spacers for DCC Concepts rolling road - STL file

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Hi all,


I've just done an alternate spacer to allow the DCC Concepts rolling road kits to be used with O Gauge track / locos.

The rollers are a bit small but still seem to work OK and be stable.

If you already have that kit it's usable & a lot cheaper than buying a dedicated O Gauge set.


The .stl file is attached below.


I printed them on an Overlord Pro using 0.1mm layers and totally solid. They take around 20 mins each.



They needed minimal cleaning up for the end brackets to attach & the pilot holes for the bracket fixing screws are included.


I do not have any fine scale track here to try them with, only american stuff. If they do not fit as well as they should please let me know and I'll adjust the length as needed.


I hope they are useful to someone.








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