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Rosses Point - 7mm scale,36.75mm gauge

Irish Padre

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Did some more platework on cab: rear cab upper,  and coal bunker front complete with hatch. The latter still needs tidied a little but slashed my finger in mid-construction so didn’t linger once the essential work was done! The grilles were a pig - individual 0.3mm wires soldered in place....used a little plastic jig to ensure all were same length ! Lough Gill and Sir Henry had lost most of the grille wires by 1957 but Enniskillen’s were largely intact. Lucky me.




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Slow progress ...included taking 4mm out of the boiler which was too long :wacko:. That was fraught.....


But on we go. The end is in sight although as I remember from Duke Of Edinburgh expeds in the Mournes, the top of a mountain can play tricks on your sense of perception....you aren’t as close as you think ! 


Adding a capuchon from

brass ring means an NER chimney is transformed into the GNR one Enniskillen acquired in the early 50s.

Sawn off and squeezed in a vice, a 3mm brass d ring for a handbag makes a passable water balancing pipe - and a very convenient brace for the cab steps.


The ‘piano front’ in the top photo has been tidied up since ! Body almost done now...... brakes and sanders next....



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