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ITRAIN Digitrax

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I am writing this email on behalf of my Dad - he had a stroke 10 years ago and is unable to communicate easily.


My Dad has setup a model railway in his garage and he is having difficulties with it. From what we understand it runs in manual mode, however he cannot get it to work in an 'automatic' mode. Here are the specifications of it:




DCS210 DCC Command Station & Booster (not sold separately, DT500 Advanced Super Throttle with Infrared Capability, BDL168 LocoNet Occupancy Detector, 16 Detection Sections, RX4 4-Zone Transponding Receiver Add-on for BDL Series Detectors, PR4 USB to LocoNet Interface with Decoder Programmer, Computer.




Would you be able to offer any advise on how my Dad can get it to run in automatic mode?


Many thanks for your help.


Kind regards,



Many thanks for your responses. My Dad has drawn a diagram of the setup but I'm unsure whether this will help? As you say, as the system already runs in manual mode my Dad thinks that the hardware is setup correctly.


My Dad lives in Winsford, Cheshire - do you know anyone locally that could possibly help him if we don't come up with a solution via email? He got your details from RM Web which is website he follows.


I really appreciate your time in trying to help us. My Dad's email is [email protected] if it's easier to reply via email?

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I have to admit that I am now very confused - you have said it was TrainController, RocRail and now you say it is iTrain :(


Can you perhaps go the the Help, About of whichever program you think it being used and post a screenshot of what you find there as this will help identify the program and also the version that is running.


I would also advice you to remove the personal email address as you will end up with all sorts of nasties and only release it via PM when we have identfied the program and the best person to help you.

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