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Which extra hardware will I need?

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Hi there, I am starting a new layout on a modular 4x2 ft design, 8 baseboards providing me with a layout of 14ft x 6ft loop with a 10ft x 2ft operating well in the middle.


 I have attached the track plan from the software I am using, which is iTrain, I already have iTrain plus. 


Hardware wise I have: 




DR5088RC (x2) 


DCC Concepts AD8SX point decoder (x3)


I know I will need more point decoders, and perhaps a DCC bus booster, I don't know too much about those though, 


I also need to know how do I wire up the DR5088RC block detection parts according to my attached diagram to provide block sections? do I count each individual point as a block as well as sections of straight track, or do I count the whole section of points a block or simply leave them on the main DCC bus not on the block detectors? 


Many thanks, 




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I did something similar, but as Iain suggests, the iTrain forum was a huge help for me, along with their guides that were on the forum.


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