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Deltic D9016 (Gordon Highlander) Moved by road

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Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of following D9016 from somewhere between Deal and Sandwich right through to Margate. It was mounted on a low loader, and was going by road. There was virtually nowhere to overtake it, but even where I could, I didn't, much to the annoyance of the current Mrs Storey....


It was truly beautiful, in its two-tone green livery, but mysteriously, its nameplates were missing. No matter; it looked majestic, even at 10 mph (although I could not take a picture, as we never really stopped).


Clearly it was going to the storage warehouse, next to Hornby, at Margate. But whence it came??? I thought it was still at the Great Central, albeit it went to Boden for a while. It took a funny route from there? Is it knackered now - I thought it had been restored to active service again?


Any thoughts?

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12 hours ago, Simon Lee said:

It's part of the Jeremy Hoskins empire and was located at Crewe. Just had a body restoration, but mechanically it's a non runner without a lot of cash being thrown at it.


Ah, that explains why it has gone to Margate. Thanks.

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When that loco had DP2 applied to it a couple of years back it wasn't  entirely in jest as using it for spares but keeping it as a different type of operational loco would make perfect sence to me 

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