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Fitting DCC to a Hornby Class 56

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Wow, these 1206 LEDs are bright! I thought I'd use the current Hornby model as a reference guide for the resistor sizing. The first three pictures are show the brightness with a 4.7K, the second three with 10K, there isn't a discernible difference. I'll probably go 5.6K, as I have some 1206 smd's. I can always dim this with the light effect code, it works really well with my converted Lima Class 09. 

Class 56 (15).jpg

Class 56 (16).jpg

Class 56 (17).jpg

Class 56 (18).jpg

Class 56 (19).jpg

Class 56 (20).jpg

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I think this has turned out to be a much neater installation than the previous 56, soldering the 1206 resistors wasn't too bad after all. I like the Plux22 breakout connector, much easier to bring all the wires in as there are now 11 wires including the stay alive circuit. I'm not sure the stay alive is working very well, it measures 13v but then drops rapidly to like 2.5v within a second. However during installation a strange thing happened, I had a brand new unopened packet of 10000uF caps, took one out and fitted it. I've noticed since that the remaining capacitors are all marked as 1000uF despite looking physically large enough to be 10KuF, so perhaps its too small, I'll try a different manufacturer when I get the time. Does anybody have a preferred method of testing a stay alive circuit? Thanks. 

Class 56 (21).jpg

Class 56 (22).jpg

Class 56 (23).jpg

Class 56 (24).jpg

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