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Loughborough Junction...looking for old photos and any other info

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I'm working on a project centred on Loughborough Junction. Anyone familiar with south London will know the triangular junction and tangle of viaducts here. This is railway modelling of a sort... in fact the model I'm constructing is virtual and the idea is that it will show the development of things at multiple points in time. If anyone is interested in what I've done so far is here:




I'm interested in any old photos or anything else relating to the railway history of the immediate area. If anyone reading this can point me towards anything of interest I'd be vert grateful. I think I've already gathered all the photos that are available from the more obvious sources, either online or in books. I wonder if anyone knows of any private collections that might include photos of the station or surrounding area. I'd be interested in details that might seem insignificant to others... for example, I've not yet found any images showing the station entrance at street level during its peak (it was in a different location compared to the entrance to the current, much diminished station).


Any suggestions welcome!


Below is an image of my reconstruction (so far) of the station as it was around 1900, with seven active platforms compared to today's two. There's more at the link above.




And the very first station - named "Loughborough Road" - must have looked something like this:





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54 minutes ago, keefer said:

There's a page at disused-stations:



Also a bit at abandonedstations:


(scroll down to the bottom)


Thank you, yes, I'm aware of these. In fact in what I've worked out so far, I think I've answered a couple of questions raised on the disused-stations page.

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