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Hi Guys ,


Just fitted a Bachmann 8 pin chip to my lads Hornby railroad gwr hst and it shot off like a rocket !!! Any ideas how to slow it down . I usually buy lenz chips and don't have this problem so its a new one on me ..would appreciate some help please . I have a gaugemaster prodigy dcc system we operate if this helps. 

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I don't know the answer, but I expect that someone will suggest disabling DC running in CV29.


http://www.2mm.org.uk/articles/cv29 calculator.htm should help you to determine the correct value for CV29 as this is a multipurpose CV.


I'm suggesting this in case the decoder is seeing full track voltage and responding as it would in DC - ie running at full power.

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If it's the Hornby self contained motor bogie, similar to the one that's used in a lot of their multiple units, I've found that they don't respond well to the Bachmann chips. You may find that turning off the back emf helps, on my 153 it at least made it controllable but in the end I swapped it for a Lenz Standard + which works great. The Bachmann chips seem to work best with their diesels and units with big motors and flywheels.

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