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Seeing as I can't cut plasticard as straight as I would like, but having seen some great examples of 3D printing used, I decided to have a go at 3D modelling. It's actually a fair bit easier than I thought it would be!



However, I do have a couple of questions for those who use tinkercad:


1) Is there a way to get a smoother finish to the boiler? I used the Cylinder option to make it.


2) How do you get an even arc for a roof? This is what I'm hoping to achieve:



Image from TTTE Wikia


Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Yes, for the boiler, increase the number of sides/segments - this should make it much much smoother.


as for the even arc, there are two ways:


1. get a thin walled tube, cut away the bits you don’t need and squish the tube to the height you need. The problem with this method is that it will distort the thickness of the tube wall which will therefore be inconsistent. It will be minimal, but noticeable if you know what you are looking for


2. Start with a rectangle or block and use cylinders to trim away the material which is not needed above and below your roof. For the trimming needed above you may need to use another block which already has a cylinder hole taken out of it. This method is a bit more finicky, but will ultimately produce a better result


Hope that helps - without using videos that I don’t have time to film, that’s as well as I can describe it

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On 15/09/2020 at 00:59, TrainMan2001 said:

) How do you get an even arc for a roof? This is what I'm hoping to achieve:

If you go to the "Shape Generators" "featured" there is a shape called "extrusion" - looks like a cylinder on screen but has different properties on the work plane. Should be able to create your curve with that and remove excess with a hole tool.


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