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On 19/10/2020 at 16:47, Busmansholiday said:

Have a look at Google Earth View, you'll see it's just concrete.

I've had a look through my pictures and I've none that can really help, unless you want a close up of the ascension pipe tops.

It's me being a novice modeller.....I've looked at different ways to create a concrete colour and haven't found it yet. There's be about 20 layers on my structure before I get it probably :lol:

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Well, if you have got trouble to find a good concrete colour, try the colour made by Faller for their Faller Car System. It is acrylic paint and I use it on walls etc. So far I achieved good results with that paint.




Peckett 560

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There's no one product or paint colour that will reproduce concrete because there is no one colour for concrete in reality. It's just a matter of mixing paint from shades that are something like it - shades of grey, sand, light brown, white, even maybe a touch of red - until you get something you're happy with and then a lot of it comes down to how you apply it and how you weather it.



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