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Wartime A3's/A4's

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Hello all, 


I'm looking into repainting an A3 and a A4 into wartime black but am just looking for a little more info. I understand that from Nov 1941 the LNER painted their locos black and from July 42 the LNER was shortened to NE but I take it this would only really be when they went it for work/overhaul as it would just be a waste of paint and time. 


So my question is does anyone know which locos were re-painted black during the war years and if so the name and year or repaint. Or even just the name and date seen in black. 


Thank you all in advance, I hope this turns up some useful information for everyone to use. 

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25 minutes ago, FoxUnpopuli said:

A4 liveries and their timings are listed on 'BRDatabase' (among other places.)   I think A3s too, maybe not as complete.






Thank you, I've never heard of that site before but that does have some great information on it. I'm surprised it has so many of the works visits recorded on there as well, that will be very helpful for a few different projects. Thanks again 

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