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Sad News - Roy C Link

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A Gentleman who’s range of publications and those by his own hand are always beautifully produced and essential reading. His modelling and drawings were exceptional too. 
When I was looking for a copy of the L&M book Simon Castens suggested Roy might have a couple left so gave him a bell while I was in the Titfield Thunderbolt and said to give him a call when I got home. Sure enough by the time I’d called Roy had found them and sorted out the sale. I thanked Roy especially as it was already going for more on auction sites and he was delighted to help out. 
Thank you Roy for much education and entertainment which will continue to delight for many years to come. 

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Goodness what a tremendous loss this is. I think I must've been about 10 years old when I first saw an ad in Railway Modeller for his Ruston LBT, which at the time just about blew my mind! I went running off to show my father, as I'd never seen anything like that before and had no idea that people actually modelled narrow gauge! (Back then the model railway press was staunchly standard gauge) I've followed his works enthusiastically ever since.

His advocacy for the characterful, gritty, and charming British INGR back in the dark days of model railway publications that were myopically obsessed with Hornby and Lima trainsets was a breath of fresh air and led many of us down a path of lifelong hobby enjoyment. Now that we have the internet, the window into that world that his enthusiasm allowed has reached a huge audience, and we sometimes forget the humble beginnings from which pioneers like Roy had emerged. I hope he'll be forever remembered as the man who made O14 a reality.

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On 21/11/2020 at 14:42, PaulRhB said:

 and drawings were exceptional too. 


I think that Roy may have been a pioneer in the art of producing drawings of proposed layouts rather than just trackplans; a huge aid to people in envisaging what the final layout would look like.

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