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Tips for weathering/airbrushing O gauge models

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I am moving up from OO to O gauge so my current set up of the average size airbrush extract unit and turntable will be too small for some of the larger heavier O gauge locos and coaches etc. It will probably suffice for wagons and small locos though.


So I was wondering what people may do differently in spraying in particular large heavy locos, long coaches etc, do you have any tips for supports, jigs, turntable etc 

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I've seen cake decorating turntables used for larger items, although haven't found one yet that wold hold an O gauge Mk1 coach - although I haven't made an exhaustive search of the internet! Amazon has plenty of options, at various prices. 


For supports and jigs, i still use various bits of scrap wood that fir between axles etc. Luckily I've been painting multiple examples of the same type of wagon, so any supports I make can be reused. 





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I use an old piece of floorboard as a base upon which I have stuck a length of Peco track. One end has a substantial block of wood screwed to it to act as a bufferstop. This length of wood sits on the standard turntable so that the model can still be turned to give access to various aspects.




The spray booth I use for O Gauge stock is a Bench Vent BV200S, but I find that I can work on smaller locomotives and most wagons in a BV300S, in this manner:




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