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So, driving into work last week, I got stopped at the crossing by a GBRF 66 on a liner service. Strange, thought I, as the only container train out of Seaforth is the DBS service to Scotland. After a quick look through RTT whilst waiting for the wagon to warm up, shows the service to have been to East Mids Gateway. I know MSC have diverted a couple of boats to Liverpool from Felixstowe, is this the loaded boxes from that heading south does anyone know?


Also noticed there's 2 Freightliner paths from Seaforth, one to Immingham and one to Tees Dock.


Add into that the odd steel train for export, it's getting pretty congested up at Seaforth?! Bet Peel Ports are regretting getting rid of the gantry cranes on the railhead!

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I read somewhere recently that there have been major hold-ups at Felixstowe, with retailers seriously worried about their Christmas stock sitting in boxes on ships waiting to dock, or in stacks on the quayside because drivers have been waiting for hours and hours to get in. Some of the largest ships were diverted to Rotterdam and the cargoes transferred to smaller vessels that can be accommodated in smaller UK ports.

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