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  1. Sadly I won't have Miss Daisy with me....just as well I suspect...... I will however have Eric with me and he needs constant supervision and treats........
  2. My morning was going really well and then you drop the "E" bomb....
  3. "star attraction".....we all know its the pasties folk come for....
  4. A question for the floor....I am looking at the various bits and bobs I may offer for re-cycling via the B&B at SWAG. I have a box of weathered 1970s/1980s Easten USA HO freight cars and a few locos - is this likely to be of interest or shall I not bother sorting them out and doing the paperwork!? Chris H
  5. That's what I'd heard - a former driver told me he was unsurprised when it stalled running tender first...
  6. They certainly featured it ( in the days of Noakes, Purves and Singleton - the pre-Judd era IIRC)
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