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An  example was Writhlington Colliery wagons  on

SDJR,  to run on GWR required a  GWR number that they

meet GWR standards.


Does anyone know if GWR Records exist on the dates

such numbers were issued etc.

It must have been a practice elsewhere to run on GWR rails.



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I believe all private-owners had to have their stock registered with one of the railway companies; first with the individual pre-grouping companies, then with the 'Big Four', and latterly with BR and its successors. The numbers will have been recorded somewhere; in BR days, the numbers would have been recorded by the Rolling Stock Library. 

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I think you mean the registration number on the plate on the wagon. All PO wagons had to have these to run on the main lines. Others can give fuller information but I think that some of the GWR registers survive but not by any means all of them. And wagons were not always registered with the most logical (to our eyes) company.



Reg plate.jpg

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I gather that GWR registers exist. Likewise Midland but not LNWR - to cover the three of the pre-Grouping "big four" that had large numbers of PO wagons on their systems.


PO wagon registration goes back at least to 1887 when the railway companies combined through the Railway Clearing House to introduce a system whereby any new PO wagon had to meet agreed specifications (updated from time to time), be inspected by a representative of one of the railway companies, and registered with that company. 


A wagon registered with one company could run over the lines of another company without any further ado.


Did the S&DJR register PO wagons? As a joint line, I wonder if it had the power to do so, though it must have been a member of the RCH for traffic charging purposes?

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Just now, Dazzler Fan said:

This seems to boil down to RCH Records.
Where does one go for that Archive?



No, as I said, the information on registrations is contained in company records, some of which survive (e.g. GWR, MR - at the National Archives) others of which don't (e.g. LNWR).

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