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Class 104 DMU


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I know Heljan have just announced this model (which is therefore probably a couple of years off) but my itinerant modelling of heritage BR DMUs using mainly Triang/Hornby, Lima, MTK bits continues apace. I have a box of bits to make some 104s but this version popped up on ebay recently in EM gauge. It's a classic Hornby 110 conversion but with the external window frame beading removed so really quite nicely done. It needed regauging to 00 but I overhauled the mechanism and replaced the additional pickups so that it runs much better on the original Ringfield motor. It came as a 'power twin' but I wanted the classic 2 car DMBS-DTC formation so a spare centre car chassis has been used on the trailing car. I need to add the first class stripe and renumber the DTC but it's already looking good - total cost under £65 plus a rummage through my spares.


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