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  1. At least on a mk1 train you ought to be able to get the typical British Railways curled-up ham sandwiches.
  2. Yep quite likely. Have a dinner on the KESR's Wealden Pullman, the food is wonderful on there.
  3. I suspect the railway will still be there long after we've all fallen off the perch and joined the choir invisible. Go for it if you thing you can make a difference. I'm about to be a trustee of a village hall that is under the custody of the local model railway club, same politics, different place.
  4. In my days as a Waterloo driver we'd keep the same headcode throughout, even if the train was diverted as sometimes happened. One notable diversion was one summer afternoon doing a Hounslow loop service on the up line at Richmond. there was an incident ahead and I had the late turn Waterloo motive power foreman on board along with a number of late shift drivers and guards. I suggested to the signalman that I change ends and we go back to Waterloo via Kingston, maybe stop at Wimbledon and Clapham on the way. 2 minutes later that was accepted and we were on our way. As it was a 508 there was headcode to worry about, but no doubt Control would have approved the diversion and advised the boxes of it.
  5. I've got one of the early Bachmann Jintys, fitted with Kadee couplers, just right for shunting.
  6. Shunting carried out at a such a pace that the driver can stop the train short of any obstruction.
  7. to go back to the MRC's "New Annington" and its 16.2 gauge branch line, this was what we could call the "new era" of British outline rolling stock with the introduction of the Chinese and Hog Kong made stuff just appearing. These had finer wheels than previously available. Stock included the latest from Hornby (Margate), the "new" Lima diesels with pizza cutter wheels, Palitoy and Joueff and some of the plastic-bodied Trix whisky wagons. Most of my personal stock had wheels to BRMSB standards. All ran perfectly happily on Frank Dyer's track except some of the Lima stuff which ran on the chairs! Noticeably their DMUs and Tarmac wagons. also th Hornby 4-wheel Railbus was a problem. during on exhibition one of the gang took a couple of units home one evening and turned the flanges down. that made a vast improvement to the running qualities.
  8. Well, 00 point kits to 16.2mm gauge are available from Finetrax and run perfectly well with r-t-r out of the box. It's basically EM 18.2mm minus 2mm. As I've said on here before the MRC's "New Annington" 00 exhibition layout branch line was made to 16.2mm gauge by the late Frank Dyer of Borchester fame. I worked perfectly well and that was in the late 1970s, early 1980s and in my view it looked right. I've used 16.2mm pointwork on the Folkestone MRC "Alkham Valley" line when that was converted from EM to 00. There's a couple of places where the difference can be noticed where some of the old SMP track 16.5mm meets up with points at 16.2mm, but it looks right as the pointwork was designed using Templot.
  9. I'd suggest using the SEFinecast etched chassis these days. this kit was going to have a Kemilway etched chassis but Kemilway never gt round to producing it! A Wills /SEF LMS 3F chassis will probably fit. Or the Triang Jinty... bout the right wheelbase. Re the SEF etched chassis, I got one a year or so ago and they say to use 21mm wheels, but that makes the model sit too high and the leading wheels appear to foul the splashers. the other problem delaying this build is the set of 6 Markit wheels, one didn't have the crankpin hole drilled and tapped! I'm reluctant to do that myself in case it ends up out of line! Did your kit come with transfers? ISTR supplying a plastic loco crew as well.
  10. Abut 14 years ago someone visited me to buy some secondhand stuff. He saw my layout which I'd recently laid to 00 fine scale using hand-built track but using Templot to design the track. He commented how good the P4 track looked. I told him it was 00, he was surprised. A lot of the appearance is the flow of the track using Templot, getting away from the train set curves on pointwork, the fixed radius. Regardless of the actual track gauge, getting the pointwork right is the biggest part of it.
  11. My MTK 4-wheel railbus kit has recently re-surfaced, 2 car set with etched brass sides and heavy cast roof, but no idea where any of the underneath castings go! Class 140 was it??
  12. I'd agree with Grovenor and PhilB, they are both professional railwaymen! (retired) I'd suggest that as it's a London area line, the main line signalling would be 4 aspect not 3 aspect. the car sheds would be electrified, shunting onto the main lines would be kept to a bare minimum as the last thing the train operators want is their valuable commuter trains being held up by shunting! Boring I know but true.
  13. What are the best heading to list these things under on ebay? I'm having a good sort out at the moment
  14. Just looking through some odd stock boxes, I found a Hornby (Margate) WR diesel, class 22 is it? B-B with very expensive wheel sets. I'm selling the body,chassis and bogies but not the motor bogies! They're worth more than the loco. Also a Lima Deltic green body "Meld", a Lima class 50 in NSE minus trailing bogie, (dunno where that went) and a few other bits.
  15. No, he had a camper van. :) I'm selling trains, not car boots. Tsh-boom!
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