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Alternative to DL Limolene?

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I've never got on with the stuff and my existing bottle of it is becoming less and less effective with age.

As I've a lot of roofs that are going to need 5thou slates applying in the near future I'm faced with either buying  new bottle or finding an alternative and, quite frankly, I'd prefer the latter option. 

Any suggestions?

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I have / had a 500ml plastic bottle of limonene, I need it because I use a silhouette cutter to cut 10 thou plastic shapes to laminate up….  I have transferred about 100ml to a glass Bottle because the limonene escapes the plastic. It just passes through the plastic causing the/bottle to suck inwards in a twisted and  distorted bottle. I must have lost half of the contents.


Do others have this program or/aretgey/bu6ing from sites with more suitable containers?



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I have found that if you either get any contamination in it, even just the remnants of other chemicals on a brush, or it gets old, then DL Limonene does become almost useless. I have had some that has turned thick and gooey and started to turn orange in colour.


A fresh bottle, on the other hand, is a joy to work with.

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