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  1. Philip Big discounts available at the moment. https://www.wwscenics.com/product-category/static-grass/2mm-basing-grass/
  2. An interesting picture (to me!) with fond memories! This is Newton Abbot prior to the MAS being installed (70s) Two tracks all gone. Now the car park. The coaches in the background were used as storage for David and Charles book warehouse. They were painted in black and yellow. Does anybody know where the three coaches went? One of the large ganrties (not that one in the picture above) has been preserved and is currently covered in scaffolding which is good to see that it is being cared for.
  3. Oh I don't know....how about this British beauty...the Kitson-Still diesel steam experiment! A thing worth modelling! 🐱
  4. Regretably not Jonathan. I've searched cover to cover to no avail! I'm guessing 1969>1070 (?)
  5. From yesteryear! Much pleasure was given in the construction of my first 'kit' engine, the GWR Prairie 5101 although the soldering left much to be desired! Using my Dad's huge old electric iron likely didn;'t help much!
  6. This is a snap that I took of Wally White DVR boilersmith examining 1638 back in the 1970s. This engine is now with the K&ESR IIRC. In the background is either 6412 or 6430. At the time there was 6435 that was bought for spares and fortunately is wasn't ever dismantled and has been since restored elsewhere. Dear Wally was deaf as a post after a lifetime of noise hammering on the inside of boilers in the 'Factory' at Newton Abbot Fascinating to see how Buckfastleigh and Staverton used to be before all the track addition that we see today.
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