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Sambre et Meuse VLH2 Irish Bogie Sideframes

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In case Irish railway modellers had missed my postings concerning Appleby Model Engineering components, I should mention that I have acquired the very last stock of 4mm. scale AME components; (as listed at https://www.cctrans.org.uk/ame.htm).


Amongst the castings are sufficient Sambre et Meuse VLH2 Irish bogie sideframes bogie sidframes to build nine pairs of bogies, and these are priced at £4.00 per pair of bogies; (ie. four castings). The castings do not include axleboxes, but I can supply these separately - see the AXLEBOXES section of my AME list.


Once the remaining stock of AME castings has been sold, there will be no more.



John Isherwood.

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