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Hello everyone,


Sorry I missed the previous posts until now.


Rannoch has just returned from a very enjoyable 3 days at Model Rail Scotland at the SEC. Thanks to Ian for selecting the layout for this year and indeed for all involved in putting on a fantastic show with a high standard of layouts.


I chose to stick to the earlier era around 2005-7 ish which meant plenty of battered EWS 37’s in action. I’m still amazed at the interest and comments I get about my little train set at shows and it was great to see so many RMwebbers in person. 

Rannoch has now gained a key missing item for the platform thanks to Ray. Ray from our group who took part in the scratch build challenge to build an item to put on a layout. TV celebrity Steve Flint aka Stern Steve and Archie Brown AMRSS chair judged Ray as the winner for his model of the statue of Renton at the platform end.


Mark from Hornby Magazine was guest operator on Friday and nice to meet Richard who spent time filming so hopefully those not able to attend can still see some trains in action soon.


Rannoch will be appearing at Bonnybridge at the end of April 25/26th. 





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Hi all,


Rannoch also featured one of my creations as a guest item.


I didn't get any photos of it on the layout and hope that someone did.


Apparently it was the subject of a lot of peoples queries including Mr Corgi!


As a result of the query I was asked to let them have a closer look and I obliged them.



Phil H


Scotrail Transit - Model - 1.jpg

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Hello everyone,


Rannoch will be attending Bonnybridge exhibition at the end of April. This is a very friendly show which we are looking forward to attending.


With Glasgow show out of the way I’ve kind of made a modelling list for the year.

The major project is the new 18 foot by 10 foot fiddle yard which will allow Newlands Park to be used again and 2 or 3 future layout plans to eventually get built. Building one fiddle yard for several layouts will save time and money. The new fiddle yard will have its own DCC accessory bus and control system using DCC concepts products. Thanks to Mick for all his help with this since Showcase 3 years ago and putting everything together with full explanations at Glasgow. The main reason for using DCC concepts is  it provides very simple control via mimic panels which will allow anyone to be able to come and play. The points are powered with Gauge master DCC fitted point motors which simply wire into the BUS.

I had made good progress getting the 12 foot of straight boards track laid and wired last year. 

The end boards are now clear ready for track laying to commence. 







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5 hours ago, Waverley West said:

Nice and neat that Mark! Looks like you've been busy.


Looking forward to watching your progress.


Thanks Dave. 

Progress isn’t as fast as I’d like but it’s getting there.




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Hello everyone,


A little modelling project I’ve had ideas to do for a while has finally become possible. Living just over the hill from Bo’ness I have often contemplated creating a representative set of of the SRPS Mainline charter stock. I’ve travelled on it around the Forth Circle and several times at Bo’ness and it’s well travelled with both Steam and Diesel haulage. It fits in my plans on a couple of future layouts and can run on Rannoch too.

I’ve plenty of locos for it and with my interest in the WCRC fleet, already had some suitable candidates on the shelf. What has really prompted this project now is the appearance of 3 SRPS Mark 1’s in a train pack from Hornby in this years Catalogue along with the RBR announcement.

I’ve spent a bit of time searching Flickr & the SRPS website to get an idea of workings and the formations. I found a nice shot of a DRS 66 hauling a 9 coach rake which helpfully included the coach numbers. Using this as a basis I could work out which vehicles were in other photos and work out a suitable train to model.

I already had a Hornby FO along with Bachmann FK, RMB and 2x SO’s planned for another WCRC set but with the Jacobite coaches and MK2’s on order I’ve plenty for a long mainline working. 

The planned set will be as follows:

TSO - 5028 - Bachmann with Commonwealths
TSO - 4831 - Bachmann with Commonwealths 
RMB - 1859 - Bachmann with Commonwealths 
TSO - 4832 - Bachmann with Commonwealths
TSO - 4856 - Hornby with B4’s
BSK - 35185 - Hornby with B4’s
RBR - 1730 - Hornby (will need a set of B4’s)
FO - 3096 - Hornby with B4’s 
FO - 3115 - Hornby with Commonwealths (take from RBR)
FK- 13230 - Bachmann with B4’s.

With 5 coaches already it will be a case of getting the coaches from the train pack along with a maroon RBR from Hornby and I will need to get another Bachmann 39-051J SO in maroon as this already has Commonwealths fitted.

The FK has swapped its bogies for B4’s with an Intercity example which will become 4999. So far I’ve removed numbers from the coach sides and the top roof lining in black and straw. This came off the Bachmann coaches easily with just rubbing using a dry cotton bud (I use the wooden cosmetic types which once worn a little gentle abrade the lining. 

Hope this might be of interest to others and creates a nice simple reference point of the info I’ve planned for my set.


As luck would have it Hattons had a couple of pre-owned coaches on their website so the other SO was sourced along with the early FK release as this already had a yellow 1st stripe painted on which saved some time.


The photos show the details removed from the FO and FKB1690BC4-25BF-490B-A2D2-51D0F8FCF3E7.jpeg.667bf50f12cfe1f6fb435913b1aadcff.jpeg







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11 hours ago, tigerburnie said:

Are you going to Perth this year?


Hi, Yes I plan to be there with the rest of the Scottish Modellers. We will have our various modelling demos taking place. Rannoch will be at Bonnybridge at the end of April too. 



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Hi everyone,


Who knew that not long after Glasgow show we faced lock down and a very uncertain year. Hopefully everyone has stayed safe and well and is getting through this as best we all can. Having a hobby like ours certainly helps and hoping this little scene brings a bit of festive cheer to you all.


Merry Christmas to you all and hopefully see you out and about at shows at some point in 2021.


All the best




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