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Y Cae Colliery

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Hi All, I have been looking through my old Gauge O Gazettes and came across the 2009 Guildex guide. In it there is a description of a layout called Y Cae Colliery (L10) by Simon Thompson. I have Googled it to try to find any more information but to no avail. I wonder if any of you out there have any photo's you took at Guidex last year you could either post on this site or email to me.

I want to build an industrial/mainline, Diesel/steam layout and the few pictures that appeared in the Guildex guide show this lay out could be very inspirational




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Hi Bob :


Your information search roused my interest as well. When I search for this type of information I always use the layout name and follow it with a comma and model railway.

In trying this, I got this : http://eastmoor.blogspot.com/2010/04/york-2010.html It shows two photos which it appears one could enlarge, but I could not do that by clicking on them. Anyway, a couple of photos to renew your interest. Perhaps the Scale 7 group also cited could provide you with a contact for the builder.


All the best, Bruce

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Bob, as Bruce found my link, if you'd like the photos at a higher resolution, let me know :) I can't remember and the photos aren't on this laptop but I may have taken others too; I was rather taken with the layout when I saw it at York.


You can't enlarge them on there, oddly blogger will still change the cursor to a hand shape making it appear you can! Blogger isn't perfect but it's free so I don't suppose I can complain too much! :lol:

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James, all the other images seem to work just fine it is just that one that doesn't appear to have an url behind it.

I've dug the images out for Bob and I think there's no link because the photos concerned weren't quite as sharp as I'd have liked - in that part of the stand it was rather dark and I don't remember the layout having its own lighting.


If anyone else did want larger copies I'd happily pass them on :)

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