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On30 loading gauge

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In working on a bridge conversion to On30, I found a lack of information on On30 loading gauge and clearances, scattered amongst several sources most notably the NMRA standards,


The diagram is arranged like the NMRA version, with a correction for the totals of the height to match the 108 mm overall height figure. I have checked the figures with the NMRA table and several other sources, and they seem to work with Bachmann items, but other makers larger DRG scale sized models may need more side clearance and height.


post-6750-037199900 1289415033_thumb.jpg


No copyright is claimed, figures used in public domain.

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Does anybody know if the 7mm UK O16.5 models use basically the same clearances, or do they use reduced dimensions to suit the UK 7mm narrow gauge proportions? And if you refer me to the 7mm association, I am not a member, and would not be able to use the reference unless in the public domain.


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Given that US On30 is 1:48 scale, and O-16.5 is 1:43 scale, I tend to assume that rather like OO and HO the trains are about the same actual size? I will be scratchbuilding On30 tunnelmouths sometime soon, and will use your generously-donated drawing, TVM!

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I'm not aware of a 'standard' for UK 7mm Narrow Gauge as it all depends on the prototype which could be a 'minimum gauge' 15in up to 4ft gauge (eg Padarn) (in theory anything under 'standard gauge') :D


For example compare the size of Prince on the Festiniog with the NGG16 Garratts on the Welsh Highland. I had a quick look for the height of the NGG16 and found a link to another model railway forum where there is a photo of the prototype and a kit under construction - well worth a look here http://www.modelrailforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14209


You mention the 7mm NGA - at the moment they are testing a new web site and all areas are available to non members - follow the directions on the left of the screen under 'Members Login' http://www.7mmnga.org.uk/




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