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Potential new club in Kent ( Medway Towns )

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Hello - earlier on in this forum I related the problems that we as the BAE SYSTEMS Model Railway Club were having with finding a new venue etc.


We have moved out of the previous room and are working on possible premises - reforming as a new club.


Its now looking good that we we will be able to use a larger facility on a once a week basis (evenings) - hired from local scouts in Hoo. This is to be discussed at their AGM in early December and we await their decision.


As the facility would give us more room I thought I would see if there were any potential interested new members on RM Web in our locality that could increase our membership.


Its looks like we will be moving towards working on a modular layout that can be put up and down each evening allowing members to take boards home for working upon - so it would be everything from scratch so an opportunity to learn and be a catalyst for the new layout. Most likely OO gauge.

Also there should be space to do modelling work on locos etc Kit bashing and the like.


Its also been proposed that we encompass other types of modelling ( although glamour modelling is sadly out of the question ).


If you might be interested drop me a line and I will acknowledge your interest and PM you when / If we get the okay from the scouts.


Many thanks - Chris

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