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moorswater viaduct 2FS

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Here is my entry for the RMWeb/ModelRail 2011 diorama competition: Moorswater Viaduct 2mm Finescale


The link to the detailed build thread can be found at http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/37906-moorswater-viaduct-2fs/page__fromsearch__1, whilst the following images give a brief overview of the scope of the project.




The 20" x 11" x 11" envelope includes integrated lighting and a concealed rolling stock tray...


The idea was based upon two aims:


1 - To make an extract from my current in progress layout to test out ideas for scenery, lighting and viewing angles.


2 - To allow some modelling this summer instead of my usual sitting and pondering and writing lists of all the things I wanted to model.



Initial sketch alongside finished model...the etch for the balustrade didn't quite make the deadline...



Contextual photo of moorswater together with red outline to show extent of extract and initial mock up...



Brunel disused pier, card structure develops and initial foam board contours...



Sketches showing lighting ideas which were developed from an IKEA mini light found during a shopping excursion...



Side on view...I was hoping to try and capture the drama between the mainline 150ft above the freight only line...



Trees were purchased from 4D model shop and the planting sketched alongside the 'still to do' list...



The layout is set approximately 1980...37135 returns from the dries on clay hoods...



37142 was another regular on the branch...



It also became apparent that the setting could be timeless (bar the vegetation) hence 37135 on CDA's...



And glimpsed again through the viaduct...



And the clock could be turned forward to represent today...66952 on cement...



And even turned back to steam days...on clay opens...



And again on a short freight...


And finally, a night shot showing that whilst the lighting experiment may need some tweaking for my finished layout...in the meantime I can use it as a bedside reading light!...



The modified IKEA lighting is concealed in the front framing...


I should like to thank everyone for their support, comments and enthusiasm during the build and add that it has been great fun participating in this competition.



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Hi Pete


What a beauty. I really love the way you've posed your drawings with the photographs in the summary - really help to explain the basic construction. Isn't in great to see something on paper come to life - guess that's part of the thrill of being an architect?


If I did somehow encourage you at the beginning then I'm so glad because the result is thrilling. It must have been very hard work, but it's great, great modelling and a very original concept. I still think it'd look good in a glass display cabinet though!





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Hi Mike,


Many thanks for this - Yes, it was touch and go at one point where I nearly threw in the towel, but your comments and then a few other peoples got me fired up again and I am glad I finished it.


Thank you - BTW, saw one of those glass cabinets you referred to whilst in IKEA the other week...my wife just shook her head and carried on walking...Nuff said... :laugh:

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So... did you win??!


I haven't seen any results anywhere.

Are you intending to incorporate this into your 2FS layout, or will it stay as a stand alone?

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So... did you win??!

I haven't seen any results anywhere.

Are you intending to incorporate this into your 2FS layout, or will it stay as a stand alone?


Hi Chris - Voting hasn't finished yet! I think it runs until 3 December...I still have to set aside some time and cast my votes...


Not sure if you missed this blog entry which I hope answers your question.


In short, I was always intended this to be a bespoke entry for the competition which would then be raided for bits afterwards (viaduct, Brunel pier, trees etc) so I have set it aside until 2012 and then the demolition team will move in...the thing is...everytime I go into our spare room, I kinda like looking at it...so either I have to leave it alone, or get on and finish the layout so I have something else to look at!


Thanks for your interest in the layout Chris.

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