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Peter Korrison


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Peter Korrison, one of the best railway modellers it has been my pleasure to know, has passed away. Peter took his modelling seriously and could scratch build a loco in around 6 weeks. His O gauge layout was a substantial affair partially constructed in a large shed is his garden and partially extending out into the garden itself. Operating sessions were a real challenge as Peter had devised a timetable which involved placing stock in pre-determined positions. The operators had to work out how to do this. He also had a great interest in boats and there were beautifully modelled boats, including some quite large ones. In his latter years, he modelled the LBSCR and he had built virtually every type of every class of locomotive plus scratch building carriages and wagons. He also had a Beeson 2-6-0 which he had "improved" to bring it up to his standards.


THe other joy of operating sessions was the food. His wife Rita, who passed away last year, was a superb cook, so lunch was always something to look forward to.


In earlier times he had modelled South Wales railways and he was a founder member and, for a while, the chairman of the Welsh Railways Research Circle. One of the reasons his models were so good is that he undertook extensive research before he commenced any building work.


As always in these circumstances, these are sad times but I suspect many people will have happy memories of Peter and his work.

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This is sad news. Peter was a brilliant professional jazz musician who had some good band stories. He was also , I understand a holder of patents when he worked within the Kodak empire.


A great man - who really did like modelling horse-boxes not just elegant model ships and very well detailed O gauge layouts and stock.


I hope he enjoys his time in the great jazz band in the sky!

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