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Found this page on the internet recently


The one that fascinates me is about halfway down the page. The 235hp 0-6-0DS of the US Army

so far I've not been able to find any other information than that on this page perhaps I'll have a go. at Scratch building it. There's enough information I think.



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Hi Ian


I thought I would help get your thread off the ground ,so to speak. Looks like your choice of model could be quite interesting to make

and there won't be too many others around to see. I think you should manage with the details given on the above link and what you can't see

you should be able to guess. I wish you good luck with the project but you haven't mentioned the proposed scale !


Cheers John

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Cor blimey Ian! it will be an enormous beast, well at least to what I am used to . I suppose that you do realize that with at least two

members offering words of encouragement and who knows how many lookers on that you have now more or less committed yourself

We now know the proposed scale so I think to be fair to us a bit more information should be forth-coming and if we want to come any-

where in the competition we will as time goes on need some pics.


Cheers John

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