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2nd Ebor Group of Railway Modellers exhibition 23rd - 24th Feb. 2013

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The 2nd Ebor Group of Railway Modellers exhibition is on 23rd & 24th February 2013 at Heworth Church Hall, Melrosegate, York, YO31 0RP. 10.00 – 16.00 with opening by the York Mayor and Sherriff.


It is intentionally a small intimate show, mainly appealing to local people during the school half term. Therefore there is only one trader present – the local “Monkbar Model Shop”. There is also a secondhand stall.


Refreshments are provided by “York Against Cancer” and the income from the tombola – with a 10% chance of winning and prizes valued up to £50 is shared between YAC and Ebor GRM


So, what is in it for RMWebbers? The layouts. The strength of the Group is being displayed by none of the layouts at the first show being repeated here. This year there are:


  • Waterloo Road 4mm P4 by James Dickie – well known here on RMWeb based on Aberdeen Dock approaches. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/33349-waterloo-street/
  • Colinton – 4mm P4 by Alistair Dickson – a small Scottish branchline terminus.
  • Littlebeck – 4mm EM – a Group layout of a small terminus in the Yorkshire Dales. Not shown for several years, it has been revamped, brought forward from WW1 to now being from the early BR period, perhaps even a DMU will appear.
  • East Hardley – 7mm O finescale – by Alan Scofield – a new layout, far from complete of a small station. Alan has been a professional modelmaker, and it shows!
  • Aldert Royds -  4mm OO – by Tony Walmsley – a LYR layout during the BR period c1960 based near Rochdale/Smithy bridge.
  • Wills Works - 4mm OO –  the resurrection of a private layout gifted to a group member, which is a large steam/diesel TMD.
  • Watershed Town 7mm O 1:48 – Paul Hutchins newly constructed American Depot, showing a variety of locomotives.
  • Valley of the Wolves 2mm N gauge by Mike Hudson. Coed-y-beddiau a joint LNWR/GWR line in Flintshire.
  • And finally, Studley in Legoshire, a layout for the next but one generation of modellers to have a go.


Hoping to see some of you there.


Paul Bartlett

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Can someone suggest a bus from the station?


Edit:  think I've answered my own question - an 11 or a  6 - which may be useful for anyone visiting!

And the Coastliners, they turn left at the lights, the show site is a few yards along Melrosegate on the right.


Paul Bartlett

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A very enjoyable day all round. A welcoming exhibition, I had meant to take some photos to post on here, but totally forgot once I started chatting to people.


The ladies doing the teas were very friendly and helpful. I look forward to next year!

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Theres a lot of guff written on this forum about the supershows - Warley, Donny. Ally pally,, Peterborugh et al, but when it comes down to it theres nothing to beat a show like this, Basic, back to the roots, call it what you will, but its light years away from the rampant commercialism at the above shows. No I could'nt buy anything but I didnt want to, I went to look at modelling, be entertained and chat to fellow modellers and thats exactly what I did. I can order the bits and bobs I want of t'internet.


In short I had a refreshing hour and a half and thorughly enjoyed it. Well done the Ebor group, its a way forward with exhibitions.

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Yes - nice little exhibition. I didn't have long to stay and chat but enjoyed seeing Littlebeck the most. I also picked up some bargain western region Mk1 stock.


I am quite mystified why the Ebor group don't have a website!


I dont' know if that is the most difficult question posed to us, or the easiest.


A suprising proportion of the membership make their daily living out of being computer specialists, they spend their weeks (and too much of  their weekends) travelling the world doing whatever it is they do all computer related. Some of us (me!) have been on t'internet for our hobby at least 20 years (in my previous but one day job  we had all of our 33 local offices linked in c1985 ( and that is not a typo! - and it was a surprise to a senior member of Rank-Xerox staff at the time).


So, simples, no one wants to do it!


We have a nice, simple,exhibition. We have deliberately gone back in concept 45-50 years (I was an  exhibition manager when I was also preparing for A-levels and falling in love - never paid anyone to attend either! - if you have BR Wagons you will realise I made a good choice). Thank you to Andy C, and others. for "getting it". This is for the locals; the hall is used by locals of the next generation of our society during the week and that is the main attraction - they drag the oldies along. From a modellers viewpoint, we have put on a show which, with one  exception, is entirely of the club, and does not replicate a single layout of our first  show and is entertaining. Sorry, no box shifters, no book stall, just railway modellers having fun, and some really good layouts.


May I add, that the Mayor, the Sherrif and his retinue were genuinely reluctant to leave after an hour and half - personally the mayoress was like an interrogator she wanted to know so much about how we modelled and why. 


And I have learnt to speak to the public - I love operating layouts and don't have my own, but take it far too seriously when I do.


Come along, say hallo and have a bacon butty from "York against cancer"


Paul Bartlett

PS so pleased some of you have already enjoyed, believe me it is hard work simply getting the club layouts out of their upstairs lair.

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Congratulations on a smashing event. I spent an enjoyable couple of hours at the show this afternoon (Sunday) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had long discussions with many of the operators in a pleasant, relaxed setting, and learnt a lot.

Good to meet up with Paul, Ross, Mike Hudson and the other guys. Looking forward to next year!!!

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Any plans for future shows?


EGRM is pleased to announce that their 2014 show will be held on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd February. Same location as this year (Heworth Church Hall), more details will be announced as they become available.


In the meantime The Ebor Group will be represented at the York Model Railway Show this Easter weekend by Roger Blackburn’s Water Houses and Longnor. Come and see us on the top floor near one of the (closed) bars.


And I'll be stewarding on Saturday and Monday. Looking good and the weather is expected to be dry but cool.


Paul Bartlett

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