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Puffing Billy G Class Garratt

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This really is some way off, if it happens at all, but the news escaped in the latest issue of my Newsletter last night so here is a bit more info



The price is at this stage a back of the fag packet calculated guess and will to some extent depend on the interest. If produced it would be 1:48 scale as that is the scale of the artwork and as the matching NA class due to be released in the new year will be 1:48 then there is no sense in doing this different to that.


It is early days but the best way to make it happen is to show interest in and and to spread the word wherever their might be interest



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Has Mr Aardvark got one on order yet ??


That will mean nothing unless you are a subscriber to Paul's newsletter which he sent out last night. There have been some email problems with previous newsletters (now being resolved) and I have copied Paul's comment below


We might have to reconsider the way we do special offers as the sending method is alphabetical so Mr Alphonse Algernon Aardvark will be getting first go at all the deals

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Has there been any further update on this? Having just picked up an NA I could be quite interested in one of these.





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