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Thinking OO Gauge...

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Hi all. 


As I stated on my presentation thread, I am thinking about building a OO Gauge layout, in 150 x 40 cm...


But I need your help figuring out the track plan.


I have been reading BRM, RM and MRail, and fond some inspirational layouts, like the ones of Chris Nevard, or Idleway, and £100 project, among others.


This is what I came up with.


Please, fell free to throw your ideas at me,



Best regards.




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Hi all, good morning.


Answering to Kev, back at my at: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/78896-hi-from-portugal/


I still don't know what I'll do with this. I mean, The space is really small, but I love freight and passenger traffic. But I am thinking about doing a factory, with a small dock (love water on layouts).


Bought three 16T Parkside Dundas open cars in kit, just to get the feel of the size of OO cars (I am used to H0, because I work on a model train shop near Lisbon). And I want to have locos like the 08, the 20, 24 or 25, and even the 16 (Heljan made one that seems a really nice model).


Decisions, decisions...


Thank you for all your time.

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Hi Luis


I understand your plan better now, using shunting locos or small diesels, and short wheelbase wagons, in that space is a good idea.


I think trying to fit in a passenger station may be too crowded.

What sort of fiddle yard or cassette are you thinking of, as you will need something to be able to shunt the top siding?

Also the run-round loop is very short, how many wagons will you be able to fit in that? Though it will make shunting interesting!


A factory and dock scene is good, you can use buildings to disguise the track exit from view, and maybe give the impression

that some of the other sidings lead somewhere off-scene. 


Good luck with the project, judging by the pictures of your other layout you have the skill to make this successful,



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One of the layouts I am studying a lot the the "Cement Quay" from Chris Nevard.


The man is a master modeller for me, and that's the kind of layout I would like to build.


I think I have to scketch another track plan.


Best regards,


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Hi all.


Well, I have been seaching a lot, making up decisions. I am waiting for some Pakside Dundas 16T open car kits to arrive, to start building a fleet.


I also want a Class 08 has a first loco. 


Well, with my searches I have found two plans that could suit my needs, with some tweaking.



This was made up by the master Chris Nevard. It could suit my needs, but has a big issue: Needs two fiddle yards.



This one is also great, only one fiddle yard, but I think it lacks operational interest. And for a show I think I need some.


What do you think?

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Like the first plan and think there is a bit more operation involved, but as you say would need two fiddle yards. However cassettes may be best plan as then you need less space and and easy way of loco turning without handling. Also I am assuming that train lengths would be small to would need relatively small space at each end.


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I really have to stop, and start to lay down the track.


Here is another plan I made...


140 x 50 cm. 


Industrial shunting layout.


Just orderd my first British OO gauge loco: a class 22 from Dapol, in that beautifull British Green. My Christmas gift.



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Have a look at Stu Davies layout thread for Shelfe Street/Drewrey Lane in this layout section. He's gone in a similar direction to you. In terms of the 2 layouts above, the 2nd one does have operating potential, as the 2 goods sidings have to be shunted separately (because they are in opposite directions). Also, try the Model Trains International website (www.modeltrainsinternational.co.uk), go into the Forum section, then click on Layout tours. You may get a few ideas there too- My layouts Canons Lane, Snape Maltings and my daughters layout Stockerston are in there somewhere....


Hope this helps


Disgusting of Market Harborough

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Hi all.


I hope you had a great Christmas!


I have been a bit away, because my work has made me a bit tired - made me fall asleep on the living room couch.


I have been assembling some Pakside Dundas and Ratio kits, but those couplers are... awfull! What can I use to replace them? I was thinking about something like Kadee (love shunting with those couplers, even in N scale).


What should I use?


Thank you.

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So, I got busy last night doing something before my first child is born!  ;)



This is almost the final plan, I will be doing some changes here and there, but, main is here. I based the track plan on John Allen's TimeSaver.


Here are some 3D's made with SCARM.









Got my hands on some foamcore card, and following the steps of the master Chris Nevard, and built a base with 120 x 35 cms.





I am using PECO code 75, for the track, and will be using a Gaugemaster for control. Some tests to see if it fits.




Best regards.

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Luis, Another layout to look for is "Gas Lane" by Bob Vaughan. Very similar to some of your renderings. It's a British gasworks pre-natural gas....


You'll need to search for it I'm afraid...


Best, Pete.

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