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WD Austerity DCC


by RedgateModels


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??? originally posted on Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:50 am


Firstly, invert the loco and support it (I use a Peco servicing cradle). Remove the front bogie and unclip the dummy brake cylinder underneath the cab. This gives access to the fixing screws as below




Make sure you have unclipped the cab handrails and gently ease off the body. It might be a bit stiff, but it does come off! The next pic shows the top of the motor with the PCB and carrying plate that needs to be removed




Unsolder the black and red wires from the PCB and the wires leading to the motor, remove the whole PCB and black plastic carrying plate.




Now, trim the wires from the decoder (a Lenz Silver in this case) to length, solder according to the usual "red, black to the track, orange and grey the other way", make sure you've threaded some heatshrink over the red and black wires from the pickups before soldering, test all is OK, shrink the heatshrink, pop a small strip of tape over the motor to insulate it from the decoder and reassemble - job done.




Oh, and a little silcone grease on the gears and light oil on the motor bearings whilst you have it apart icon_wink.gif


Comment posted by Trains4U on Fri Mar 28, 2008 11:28 am


Saves me a job! icon_wink.gif


Just how I would have done it.



??? posted on Fri Mar 28, 2008 12:57 pm


I'll take that as a compliment, you should even recognise the heatshrink icon_wink.gif



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I connected a TCS decoder as per the instructions to find I had a problem. Here is the reply from TCS.


You are correct in wiring the red and black to track. However you need to connect Orange and Gray to the motor.


Blue, Yellow and White control the head lite and back up lite.

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solder according to the usual "red, black to the track, orange and grey the other way",


I think Redgate's instructions are clear enough and obviously TCS's advice to you concurs.

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Just to add to the knowledge base, I used a Digitrax DZ125 which is very small indeed. The loco runs sweetly. I also tried an NCE N12SR initially. This fit but the wires really have to be cut quite precisely to the correct length. After install, the loco ran away and nothing I tried had any effect. I concluded the decoder was NBG (happens rather too often with NCE I think).



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