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7mm Glasgow hex dash standard

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It should convert quite easily as it was designed in modular units. However it doesn't have longitudinal bench seats downstairs as does 22 at Crich. The kits have now been produced and one is undergoing confirmatory build photography and kit instruction writing at present though the half assembled components will be on display at the Reading ALSRM show this Saturday [09 May] - on the Radley Models stand.


{New} It would also require to have a different master controller pedestal and possibly a different box under one of the staircases. However, masters for all of these have been done as it is the intention [eventually] to produce components for all four phases of the GCT Standards. However, the next will most likely be a round dash with the "non-lozenge" type roof as that requires the fewest new moulds to be made.

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The test build of the Hex Dash is completed and the [free] instructions are downloadable from the Radley Models website. However much more slow time bow pen lining to do though that doesn't affect the kits for sale of course.



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