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  1. Duly ordered, thank you Simon. I will review in Western Times soonest.
  2. Andy M

    Western Times

    I suspect that paint dates from well before Nationalisation Mikkel! The doors appeared permanently open when the shed was in use, so I guess the outside paintwork was hardly ever noticed. Funny how you miss such details!
  3. Andy M

    Western Times

    WESTERN TIMES Issue 9 - Out Now I am pleased to update that the latest issue of Western Times has arrived and is available now at https://ttpublishing.co.uk/product/western-times-issue-9/ All subscription copies will be sent out early next week, and thank you again to all readers that have signed up to this purchase option. As always, I hope you find it an interesting read and welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions for future content. Regards, Andy.
  4. I had a delivery update from Amazon this morning. Sometime between July and October! Something very strange going on with this one.
  5. Yeah, it’s an interesting one that! Definitely flush letters and badge and possibly wooden? No surprise there are variations….good old Swindon standardisation at play!
  6. I have quite a few originals in my collection and they are raised brown letters.
  7. This is indeed a cracking little book, that deserves far more recognition than it received. An absolute must for Churchward disciples! I encountered a copy in the second hand bookshop in Cromer this week. Very good condition and for only £3, an absolute bargain. Regards, Andy.
  8. Andy M

    Western Times

    WESTERN TIMES Issue 9 - Update Dear RMwebbers, I am pleased to inform that Issue 9 has gone off to the printer in Malta. What to expect is outlined below, and it should be on sale by early April. Of note in this latest release, is the first instalment of a multi-part history of the ubiquitous Pannier Tank. It's a crazy job.....but someone had to do it! As usual, I will update when it goes on actual sale. Regards, Andy.
  9. Andy M

    Western Times

    Thanks Mike, I mused over using that image for the cover, as the original is slightly overexposed and suffering from highlight glare (as you point out with the window surrounds). Not a true reflection of the ivory off-white for sure! It is a great shot however, not overly used in the past, so I went for it. I do hope you enjoy the rest of the issue, and as always I appreciate your candid feedback. Regards, Andy.
  10. Andy M

    Western Times

    WESTERN TIMES Issue 8 - Out Now I am pleased to update that the new issue of Western Times has arrived from the printers and is available now at https://ttpublishing.co.uk/product/western-times-issue-8/ As always we hope you enjoy this offering and await your feedback and comments. Regards, Andy.
  11. Sorted! Thank you Paul. You'd never know I'm new to this DCC malarky!
  12. Has anyone had issues with the headlamps not working on their model? My DCC Sound fitted Taw looks and runs beautifully, with all functions operating as expected, apart from the lights not working. There is no mention in the Owner's Manual of a function on/off setting for the lamps......am I missing something? Any pointers gratefully received. Regards, Andy.
  13. has come over all Lynton & Barnstapley!

  14. Andy M

    Western Times

    WESTERN TIMES Issue 8 - Update Dear RMwebbers, Final checks are pretty much complete and Issue 8 will be rolling off the press imminently. Contents shown below for your information and it should be on sale by mid December. I will post another update once the physical copies have arrived. Regards, Andy.
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