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Nelson Jackson

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Hello everyone,

Just thought I'd share this here as I know some people have asked me to post It here in this Irish section of RMweb, so here it is.

GBL (great British locomotives) is a magazine that comes out every 2 weeks and a few weeks ago they did the C class, and to me that was a near enough match for a PG class in terms of proportions. So I went ahead and got one (unfortunately you can't get them here in NI, but I got help from RMweb) and so it began, the first thing to do was to motorise it and I had a Bachmann Jinty chassis sitting as spare, so I used that, a fair amount of cutting was needed to make the chassis fit between the running plate and into the boiler, but eventually I got it to the point where I was happy to move on, so the cosmetic changes were next, removing all the moulded details and swapping the splashers around. I also modified the new cab by making it more rounded and look like the prototype. All in all the engine was relatively easy to change, the hard part was removing all the moulded and unwanted details, but once you get a blank canvas to work from its all full steam ahead from there. The tender required the most cut and shunting, as the original one was far too long so I changed it by cutting the chassis ends off and the middle of the tender body off and joining them together to create the right length. Then I had to scratch build the tender blackhead (if that's what you call it) as it was rather unique. Once the major things were done then the detailing began such as the steam pipe, lamp irons, vacuum pipes and handrails. Now (7 weeks after getting the engine) it's now ready for painting, so I'll do an update once its painted.


How it begins.


Motorising the engine


Modifying splashes.


New cab shape


Tender backhead


Nearly there, new tender




Some detailing.

Thanks for looking,


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