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'Build a loco' Challenge voting now open

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We launched a challenge on RMweb in March 2015 to stimulate more modellers to get building. We broke it down into three categories, scratchbuilt or kitbuilt locomotives, modified ready-to-run locomotives or even static display items to encourage the widest possible participation. However, all entries, bar one, have come into the kit or scratch built category which would have initially appeared the most challenging. Well done to everyone who participated, over 50 people started projects off and we can now show the completed entries which have been submitted by their creators into the final stages where you, the reader, can vote for your favourite project.


Voting is open on RMweb from now until 10th April and the results will appear in the May issue of BRM and on RMweb.


Links to the individual build topics can be found here - http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/106717-build-a-loco-challenge-entries/


The entries are as follows and you can cast your vote here - http://www.rmweb.co.uk/poll/index.php?sid=47836&lang=en- you will be asked to vote for your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th choices.


Scratchbuilt & Kitbuilt Locos


ColinK - O Gauge DJH Class 02 kit


ColinK 02.jpg


brightspark - EM Gauge DJH BR Standard 5MT kit with scratch-built chassis


Brightspark 5MTs.jpg


de Selby- 4mm Scale, 21mm (5'3") gauge Great Northern Railway (Ireland) VS class from Studio Models kit with scratch-built additions


de Selby s.jpg


Gareth Collier - N Gauge SECR Aeolus – scratch-built from brass scrap with modified NBrass boiler fittings. Chassis an amalgamation of modified Farish 08 drivers, 94xx chassis block and Nigel Lawton micro motor.


Gareth Collier Aeolus s.jpg


londontram - OO Gauge scratch-built Caledonian 492 utilising Hornby 0-6-0 chassis




N15 Class - O Gauge scratch-built LSWR G6 class 0-6-0 tank


N15class G6.jpg


Nile - OO gauge ex-LNER F5 in BR livery from 3D-printed body and chassis


Nile F5 s.jpg


Nile - OO gauge LSWR 0395 - Golden Arrow resin kit with Wills chassis 


Nile LSWR 0395 s.jpg


pete_mcfarlane - OO gauge modified DJH SECR L class, modelled as 1768 in late 1930s Southern Railway condition


Pete_McFarlane - L1 s.jpg


micklner - OO Gauge DJH kit-built LNER Raven C7 4-4-2


micklner C7.jpg


Rhb Simon - OO Gauge DJH Class 02


RHB Simon 02 s.jpg


Rhb Simon - OO Gauge London Road Models J3 kit


RHB Simon J3 s.jpg


Rhb Simon - OO Gauge Jim McGowan J50 kit


RHB Simon J50 s.jpg


Rhb Simon - OO Gauge Jim McGowan J79 kit


RHB Simon J79 s.jpg


Rhb Simon - OO Gauge Craftsman Johnson 0-4-4T rebuilt from a previously badly-made kit


RHB Simon Johnson 0-4-4 s.jpg


Rhb Simon - OO Gauge restored and rebuilt Craftsman Johnson 1F half-cab kit


RHB Simon Johnson 1F s.jpg


Rhb Simon - OO Gauge London Rd Models LYR Aspinall 2-4-2T


RHB Simon LYR 2-4-2 s.jpg


Rhb Simon - OO Gauge London Rd Models LYR Barton Wright Ironclad kit


RHB Simon LYR Barton Wright s.jpg


Rhb Simon - OO Gauge Craftsman LYR class 28 kit with scratch built firebox & boiler


RHB Simon LYR Class 28 s.jpg


Rhb Simon - OO Gauge Jim McGowan N7 kit


RHB Simon N7 s.jpg



Modified RTR Locos


Darwinian - Modified OO Gauge Hornby GWR 2-8-0T to backdated to 1929 condition using Brassmasters parts


Darwinian 1929 52xx.jpg


Jon Fitness - Modified O Gauge Ixion Hudswell Clarke tank to Manchester Ship Canal 0-6-0 side tank version


Jon Fitness s.jpg

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