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Luxuylan Station - buildings & dimensions

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As some of you may recall, I'm interested in modelling Luxulyan station in the 1930-1960 period. Today, Luxulyan is not very impressive, being just a request stop with a single rather overgrown platform and hut, but in the period in question it not only had a passing loop/island platform but also a small goods yard and PO siding for a china clay dries which connected to the yard by horse drawn (?) tramway.


In terms of structures, there was - and I think it still remains - a small brick & stone station office (now re-purposed..), a signal box, water tower (possibly with coaling facility but to be confirmed) and a couple of GWR huts. The platform waiting room was one of the classic 'pagoda' types.


I am looking for any photographs that chaps might know of of the site during this period - there are some here on this site which are helpful and the various Cornish Historical sites have also helped but I'm now trying to find dimensions of the Pagoda, water tower and signal box. If I can' find precise ones for Luxulyan then 'generic' GWR ones would help.


If anyone has any advice I'd much appreciate it.


Many thanks



PS as per usual, the attached images are not my © and posted for research purposes only.

PPS The water tower looks to have a wind pump/generator to the side of it on a trellis tower... can anyone confirm this pls?





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