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The 3D Printing Handbook

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This new book created by 3D Hubs is a great resource for anyone looking to get into 3D printing themselves, or people who have components they would like to print and are not sure of which 3D printing technology/material is most appropriate. It has a wealth of information on materials, technologies, design guidelines and gives a balanced view on the positives and negatives and costs of each technology.


If anyone would like a look I've a copy which I'll bring along to Warley this weekend at the NEC, I'll also add it to the library of 3D printing / CAD books for the Missenden Abbey CAD course





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Thanks Alan, a very good recommendation!


I received my copy this week from Amazon - it's an excellent book and not just for those who are thinking of getting a machine, as Alan suggests. It is divided into three sections, the first deals with the different technologies and how they may be used, the second explains design strategies for optimal printing and the third builds on part two, dealing with the various CAD tools available.


There have been a couple of other books published recently covering 3D, but this is far and away the best, despite the relatively high cost.


David Murrell

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