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JMRI problem


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I'm a new JMRI user and whatever settings I try, I am getting loco not found, error 301 when I try to detect decoder.

Hardware is Merg CANUSB to CANCMD.

Loco lights come on when placed on track.

What to do?


MERG server appears to be down :(

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The MERG site does explain the current situation.

PLEASE NOTE: The forum is now offline pending the move to a new web hosting provider - as a result the forum, kitlocker etc will be unavailable while the transfer is undertaken, and then for a period for DNS propogation.


Please bear with us during this process which we aim to complete as quickly as possible.

I suggest you just wait till tomorrow and then ask on the MERG forum, and when you ask include the info as to how you have setup your system.

ie Are you on the programming track or the main, are you trying a JMRI throttle or decoder pro?

Also check all your JMRI preferences are set up to run MERG CBUS.


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