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Blog- The Calder Vale Light Railway and Calder Vale Mineral Railway - Narrow Gauge Adventure

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The CVC&CC is to have a narrow gauge line as part of it's operations. I decided this after seeing a Minitrains model of a W.G. Bagnall wing tank, at the Stafford Exhibition. This will be the first 009 that I have had anything to do with since 1987 when 009 was, to be honest, crap. Locomotives that were body kits, running on the poor N gauge chassis of the time. I've had this little gem running up and down my test track it it's far better than anything that I ever had back then, so things are looking good for 009.


The former CVC&CC Bagnall after preservation and restoration in the 1960s. Now to send it back in time to the 1900s with a bit of weathering and a driver hanging out of the cab (to hide the motor and flywheel).

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