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SEEP point motors & Peco points

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If you've not already invested in a load of PM4s I'd point out the PM1 has the switch but without the built in latch. Also I'd add a small note of caution here as experience at our club is the SEEP motor is very fussy about precise installation to get the built in switch to operate reliably. Also the switch is just a washer riding on PCB traces such that it can be compromised by dirt and wear on the PCB tracks.


A while back we standardised on the SEEP PM1 as it seemed an easier solution than the Peco motor and PL15 however we have now reverted to the Peco motor and PL15 as whilst harder to setup it gives a more robust switch.


All that said for future projects we're investigating adopting R/C servos in combination with relays for frog switching and controllers which both drive the servo and operate the relay. This will allow mounting the servos with a simple piece of aluminium U channel and with some judicious shopping around the cost per turnout should come in well below any commercially available solenoid or slow motion switch machines.

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