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Late 1980s Cross Country coach queries

Phil R

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Can anyone confirm the identity of the leading coach in this photo please?




The photo is dated 27th June 1987 and is of the 1V67 1010  Scarborough - Paignton service.

It looks like a Mk1 BFK but I thought they had all been withdrawn by this time.


In addition, the Newcastle - Poole/Weymouth services in 1987/8 were usually a rake of around 6 Mk 2 aircon TSOs, with a Mk1 BG & RBR.

The first class accommodation was also Mk 2 aircon. Can anyone confirm whether FOs or FKs were used and also whether the TSOs were Mk 2d, e or f?

Many thanks



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In 1986 there were a few BFKs left, and as it is on Commonwealth bogies and without metal window frames as far as I can tell, it limits it to one of the following, 17013, 15, 18, 19, 21 or 22, spread between Willesden, Bounds Green, Old Oak and Craigentinny.




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I travelled on the Poole-Newcastle trains most days in this period. Rakes of Mk1 & early Mk2 stock did appear quite often as well as aircon Mk2. I can't comment on BFKs as I didn't travel 1st.! 'Peaks' [class 45] were the normal loco power.



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Summer '87 allocations were as follows:

17003, 5, 21, 22, 24 at Inverness, used on the Aberdeen - Inverness services

17007 Old Oak Common

17013, 15, 18, 23 at Bounds Green, used on InterCity Charters

17019, 25 at Cardiff


Most probably one of the Cardiff pair. I've just found the following in my notes:

10.10 Scarborough - Paignton, 18.55 Paignton - Newton Abbot, 19.23 Newton Abbot - Old Oak Common (BSK, 3 TSO, 2 CK, 3 TSO, BSK - allocated Old Oak Common). The BFK would seem to be a BSK replacement. This rake very possibly worked the 19.05 Paddington - Plymouth FO then the 00.05 Plymouth - York SO.


The Poole - Newcastle services were worked by Longsight coaching stock at that time formed BG, FK, RMB, 7 TSO. Mk2d FK, the TSOs could be either Mk2d, 2e or 2f as they had an allocation of all three but for cross-country workings Mk2d and Mk2e were probably more likely. This photo from Flickr shows the 17.52 Poole - Liverpool on 30 June 1987 with a right mixture of stock including an RBR insead of an RMB:

Last of the 45/0s


The booked coaching stock workings were:
Day 1. 07.45 Newc - Poole, 17.32 Poole - Liv

Day 2. 08.08 Man - Poole, 14.58 Poole - Liv

Day 3. 09.20 Liv - BNS, 11.39 BNS - Liv, 14.10 Liv - Poole

Day 4. 10.38 Poole - Newc


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