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Looking for DC wheels for HAG wagons


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Hello, all you discerning continental modellers.


I'm doing an SBB HO layout which will include some HAG stake wagons for timber loads.

It seems that these are very difficult to get hold of -  especially at non-astronomical prices - 

so I would be willing to buy the AC versions if it was possible to find DC replacement wheels.


The actual wagons I'm talking about are HAG 387 or HAG 70093 which have DC insulated

wheels, and the AC versions are HAG 386 and HAG 70092 respectively.


I'd be really grateful if anyone here could give me a parts number for these wheels, or

suggest where I might get hold of them.

Of course, if anyone has the actual wagons I'm after, and is willing to part with them,  

then that would be even better!


Thanks very much for any help forthcoming.


Pete M.

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Hello Pete,

Perhaps you can find the part(s) you want on this list:



Then, having found what you want try the dealer of choice from this list:


depending of course on your location.


For the UK it seems that Marno is the only Hag dealer left on that list since Winco retired:



Hope this helps,


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Michael at Marno has been very helpful to me with Bemo parts and would have no hesitation in recommending him should you go that direction.

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Hello, Gents.


Many thanks for your suggestions.


Dave, I checked the HAG price list you mentioned and found just what I'm looking for.

Then I looked at Marno's website and found that he has a few of the parts available.

Then a quick search on Google threw up some other suppliers. (Continental).

So, it seems you guys have solved my problem!


I'm now about to email Marno regarding these wheels and some other items on his site.


Once again, Many thanks.


Pete M.

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Guest Jack Benson



This supplier is really good Modellbahn-Radsatz he supplied all our wheelsets are extremely reasonable cost when the main UK importer was quoting three times the cost. 


He specialises in making wheels for rolling stock in almost every conceivable variation and for many years, has been the 'go-to' for most German modellers. 


An example - UK supplier quoted £3.95 per axle with a six month lead, the German supplier sent all 32 pairs of axles for less than £28 including porto within a week. There is a downside, payment only by uberweisung/bank transfer but it is painless and fast.





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I tend to buy UK sourced wheels in the correct diameter from the likes of Gibson or Markits rather than bother with the actual manufacturer.

Usually much cheaper and certainly easier to obtain. 

Most of my older models have been re-wheeled with these and I have never encountered any problems in fitting or running.


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I would agree with Bernard's recommendation. However the smallest wheels Gibson normally sells are 10mm diameter, intended for lowmac vehicles in 4mm scale. I bought some used Lilliput Baden bogie coaches and found that one of them had uninsulated wheels. As the prototype photos showed spoked wheels I bought some Gibson 10mm OO/EM spoked wheels and used those instead. I recall having to shorten the axle pin points slightly to fit but this didn't affect the running. Gibson wheels come with 26mm long axles.

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