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BRM World email newsletter - Reader Survey


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I've just completed (sort of) the Reader Survey from the latest BRM World email. When I got all the way to the end, it refused to accept my answers (three times). These are the reasons.....


Question 6 - Location. I put "New Zealand" in the "Other" box, but it refused to accept it. It absolutely requires me to tick one of the UK regions! So I ticked "North West", 'cos I live in the North West part of New Zealand!!! Did anybody test this before release?


Question 30 -  What is the main reason you visit a show?. Despite the fact that I answered Q29 - How many shows do you attend a year? with "None", it won't let me ignore Q30. Doesn't seem logical to me. But to get finished I selected "layouts". I reckon if I did attend any shows that would probably be the reason - but I can't be sure because I don't attend any!!!!


Question 31. I don't want to tick either of those boxes. In an earlier question, I answered that I do read "BRM World", so I don't want any others - but it seems I have to. I guess I'll now have to tick the "Unsubscribe" option on all the c**p that arrives. Annoying.







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