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G2 kit


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I am making a Brassmasters G2 with the Belpaire boiler

Can anyone advise how the boiler fits up against the spectacle plate and the smoke box or are they both straight solder fits.

also do I need the boiler support bracket and where does it fit


Many thanks

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I haven't built a G2 but on the BM LNWR Precursor kit I made the boiler removable with a bolt through the cab front into the firebox back "wall" and with another up into the smokebox. I think that is how the kit was designed and it makes painting and lining easier.


I made the boiler tube full length to fit the smokebox wrapper around it.  You will need to take care to get the ends of the tube "square" to the centre line, so that it fits closely to the cab front..



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Hello Robed,


I built one of these a few years ago and recall it was quite a challenge and the instructions were not a lot of help. I believe I had a very early version and possibly later versions have been improved.

My memory is not the best but I think the back of the boiler butts up against the front of the firebox and is secured with a bolt through the formers. The other end runs all the way through the smokebox and is covered by the etched wrapper. The boiler was not included and I rolled my own from 10 though brass - the small dent was removed later.


Good luck with your build!





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